Richard Chen


I shot and edited this Spec Ad for Nice Film Club, based in Brooklyn, New York.

Footage shot on the Sony A7Sii, Film photos shot on Olympus OM-1, Edited on Premiere, Colored in Davinchi Resolve.


Shot by Richard Chen and William Chong.

Included projects are Beyond the Salish and Brew Hut, showing skills in filming in harsh conditions in the backcountry in -20 Celsius weather and extreme ocean conditions.


Shot with my cinematographer Sho Matsuyama during our project American Love where we travelled around the United States interviewing strangers about their perspective on Love. Filmed on the Blackmagic 4K and Sony A7sii.


I filmed Rockhopper Penguins and King Penguins during my trip to the Falkland Islands in South America.

Shot on the Sony A7Sii, Edited using Premiere, Colored using Davinchi Resolve.


Filmed during my time in the Faroe Islands

Shot on my DJI Mavic Pro. I’ve also worked with Phantom 4s, Mavic Airs, and Mavic Mini 3 Pros.


This is my timelapse reel, which I’ve compiled over the past seven years..

My workflow from start to finish involves shooting raw files on the Sony A7Sii, moving between each shot for hyperlapses (moving timelapses), editing in Lightroom, and exporting it through LRTimelapse in 4K.


I filmed this in one afternoon following a busker from China who walked from Ecuador to the US border. He now performs Chinese songs in Flushing, the Chinese neighbourhood in Queens, New York.

I challenged myself to film this while staying within six feet of him.